About The San Jose Fire Museum


Welcome to our San Jose Fire Museum (SJFM) Website. As you look around our site, please note how much we have accomplished over the past 40 years. We are now a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit, we have a Business Plan, a 11 member SJFM Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, a quarterly newsletter and gift shop.

The Mission of the SJFM is to preserve the history of the San Jose Fire Department, educate the public and serve the City of San Jose and it’s Fire Chief.

We are very proud to share with you our great collection, one of the largest and best in the United States that dates back to 1810. We have over 30 apparatus, including hose carts, hand pumpers, hook & ladders, fire engine pumpers & steamers, chemical hose wagons, fire chiefs cars, and aerial ladder trucks. Also, we have historic written documents, including Journals, Constitutions and Documented Common Council Minutes for the City of San Jose. There are badges, ground ladders, helmets fire fighting tools & equipment. Most of these items are specific to the City of San Jose Fire Department and it’s great history.

Our highest priority today is to purchase Old Fire Station One in downtown San Jose and complete our collection. A Fire Department collection is not complete if you don’t have a fire station to go along with everything else. Old Fire Station One is now a City of San Jose Landmark and now in the application process for the National Registry. Our goal is to restore ¬†this beautiful historic Old Fire Station One, and make it a destination in Downtown San Jose.

If you would like to become a partner and assist us in the purchase and/or restoration of Old Fire Station One, please contact us through our E-Mail or call us at 831-359-2194. Anyone wishing to partner with us will be able to enjoy the tax advantages of our non-profit status and will also receive appropriate recognition as part of the SJFM Partnership Program.

We also have  need for volunteers. The SJFM has a variety of areas that we need help in, including preservation, restoration, inventory control, research & documentation, general housekeeping and apparatus maintenance. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

Thank you, John A. McMillan

President, San Jose Fire Museum